1st Grade Butterfly Experts

announce_1st Grade Pic 6 (1).jpg

High Point Elementary first grade began the school year with an amazing study of the monarch caterpillar.  Students watched the very hungry caterpillars eat milkweed plants gathered from a local farm. The caterpillars grew longer and fatter as they munched through each day.

The students were first hand observers of the transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis and then to beautiful monarch butterfly.  Once butterflies hatched from their chrysalis students watched as they flew away over the playground. We often see monarchs come flying back and the students are sure their butterflies have returned.

Students learned many interesting facts about the caterpillar transformation and the migration of the monarch butterfly.  They demonstrated their learning as they wrote about the lifecycle of the butterfly in their journals. They illustrated the beauty of both the caterpillar and butterfly in their writing and in their pictures. High Point first graders are now experts on the life cycle of the monarch butterfly!