3rd Grade Presents "Temples and Tombs"

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Temples and Tombs Exploration

Third Grade students at High Point Elementary school explored ancient temples and tombs during their program at the November PTA meeting. The performance was directed by our music teacher, Mrs. Caitlyn Lester.  Decorations were provided by our Art teacher, Mr. Steven Cregger, and other art pieces were on display including sarcophaguses made by the third graders during art class.  Students practiced the songs and dances each week during their music class to prepare for the show and the week of the program practiced all together to make sure their show was a success. Students dressed up as mummies, Egyptians, and even explorers.  At the end of the program parents were invited to join their children for a special Egyptian dance along. All of the students hard work paid off, as this was a PTA program to be remembered!