High Point Artists Study Monet


Kindergarten and Second Grade students at High Point Elementary School recently study the artist Claude Monet. They examined some of his most famous works, including his Japanese Bridge series. The students were amazed at the way the paintings looked very different when you were close to them. Monet was an Impressionist, and did not care if his paintings were accurate. He only concerned himself with the way the sunlight effected the objects in his paintings. So when you look at his paintings up close, they are very sloppy looking!
Kindergarten artists made a miniature sculpture on Monet's pond; complete with bridge and waterlilies. While second graders drew and painted some exceptional waterlilies and ripples using watercolor paint and oil pastels. 
While wearing his beret and speaking in a semi-French accent, Art teacher Mr. Cregger played some beautiful classical music while the students created their own "impression" of Monet's pond and waterlilies. 
Congratulations to the featured artists Malachi H. and Harper T.