High Point Elementary School Has A Young Community Activist

Billy pic.jpg

You can never be too young to begin caring for your community. Billy J, a
student at High Point Elementary School, belongs to a neighborhood club called
the “Pook – A – Bean” club. This club of young movers and shakers was featured
on WCYB TV when they noticed a problem in the neighborhood while riding their
bikes and scooters and decided to find a solution to the problem. The problem
turned out to be they were hitting the same potholes that caused them to wreck a
lot. First, they tried cleaning up the road debris and old concrete to prevent the
wrecks from happening. The club decided to take it one step further. They
designed a petition asking to have the road paved and knocked on neighbor’s doors
asking for signatures. They decided to take it even further by writing a letter to
VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) explaining the problem and
offering a solution asking for the road to be paved. Thanks to the dedication of
these three young boys and one girl, the Virginia Department of Transportation did
agree this was a problem and paved the road. Now the “Pook – A – Bean” club is
accident free.