The High Point Hoedown!

announce_Slime (1).jpg

High Point Elementary School hosted its annual Fall Festival, "The High Point Hoedown" on September 28th. The evening was bustin' at the seams with games and activities. Students and their families could do some "weerd cience" experiments with Mr. Davidson, they could go "strutin' for sweets" at the cake walk, and if that wasn't enough they could spend their tickets playing bingo, throwing some pies, or fishing for prizes down at the waterin' hole!

The front lawn of the school was filled with inflatable rides and the inside of the school was filled with games and activities for all ages. Parents had the opportunity to have their children finger-printed courtesy of the Washington County Sheriff's Department. When our vistiors needed some fresh air, they could take a hay ride through the back yard! But they had to be careful where they stepped, because no hoe-down is complete without some livestock! 

Although the big "shin-dig" kicked off after school, if you ask the students their favorite part of the day they will say the SLIME! That's right! The morning of the hoe-down, our students had the opportunity to purchase a cup, a quart, or a gallon of SLIME to pour on our Art teacher Mr. Cregger. Thanks to our wacky 5th Grade Science teacher Mrs. Perrigan-Worley and our Resource teacher Mrs. Smith, those lucky students got to mix up the sticky, yucky, green slime and cover Mr. Cregger over and over and over again!

So, get out those overalls, find a cowboy hat, and be sure to mark your calendars for next year's High Point Hoedown!