HPES Ranked 17th In List of VA Schools


Out of 1096 elementary schools in the state of Virginia, High Point has been ranked 17th!!! The top schools in the state are located (mostly) in Northern Virginia, and in the Tidewater region. In the rankings, the only other schools from our region to make a top 50 ranking were Greendale Elem (Washington County) ranking 24th, Watagua Elem (Washington County) ranking 32nd, and Speedwell Elem (Wythe County) ranking 35th. 

Over the past several years, High Point has increased it's ranking tremendously! We would like to thank all of our faculty, staff, administration, parents, community members, school officials, and most of all our STUDENTS for all of their hard work!

Previous Rankings for High Point Elementary School:

2012 - 763rd
2013 - 158th
2014 - 147th
2015 - 97th
2016 - 38th
2017 - 17th

To see the complete list of school rankings, including middle and high school rankings, please follow the link below.