Region 7 Virtual Academy

Each Year, Washington County Public Schools partner with the Region Seven Virtual Academy (R7VA) to offer a rigorous, online learning experience for students who choose an alternative to the "brick and mortar" school setting.  This academy contracts with a variety of platforms - Washington County Public Schools uses STRIDE (K12) as our platform - and follows the same expectations as the public school systems with regard to graduation requirements, credit recovery and meeting the needs of ALL students.  Participation in state mandated testing, adequate academic progress, and good attendance are requirements for eligibility into the program.  Students must also be registered as a student in Washington County Public Schools before applying.  

You can apply for acceptance into the program HERE.  The deadline for applying for the 2024-25 School Year is July 12, 2024.  Applications close at that point and acceptance notifications will go out by email on or before July 26th.  If you are considering applying, please do so by July 12.  If accepted, you can always remove your name from the acceptance list after July 12, but you cannot apply for acceptance after that time.